Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tournament @ Lor Ah Soo 7 May 2011

Tournament @ Lor Ah Soo 7 Mar 2011

Deck: Six Samurai
27 Players joined

Swiss 1: Graveyard BF
1)1st turn swarm shien, grandmaster, kizan x2 and added Hand of the six to hand by Gate.

Swiss 2: Agent (Jeff)

Swiss 3: Infernity

Top 16: Gravekeeper (Nian Jie)
1)Double Shien in 1st turn and control from there.
2)Stall until my 2nd shien is successfully summoned after getting a warning on my 1st shien and controlled from there.

Top 8: Six Samurai (Jonas)

Top 4: Six Samurai (Wei Ann)

Final: Gravekeeper (William)
2)Started with Gate, United, United. No monster all the way then gg.
3)Summon Kagemusha. SP Kizan, Kizan, Grandmaster and set one end. he set one monster and 2 back card. I hurricane den normal hand of the six, synchro brionac, bounce his monster and atk with 1600+2100+2100+2300 = 8100

Position: 1st

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